Meet Ross R. Micklesavage

A leader who listens and acts

I’m am seeking a four-year term as Owen J. Roberts School Director.  My 30 years’ experience in IT, leading diverse distributed teams in both public and private sectors, has allowed me opportunities to learn how to adjust to any given situation, resolve conflicts, and work collaboratively to complete projects on time and on or under budget.  I believe these traits would be an asset as a school director when addressing the diverse opportunities the district may face.

The financial decisions made by a School Board Director should be fiscally sound, enrich the education of the students, and be fully transparent with the community. I will use my experience and abilities to guide all decisions towards meeting these three goals when elected. I am a firm believer in public education, with both my children having attended OJR.  I also have extensive experience within the special education framework.  I am a member of the local Kiwanis (sponsors the K-Kids/Key Clubs in the schools), have volunteered with the PTAs, and been involved in the sports teams/activities of my children.  I believere organized sports serve an integral role in education, promoting teamwork, individuality, socialization, and the ability to manage time/stress. I have been attending school board meetings on a regular basis, and with your voting support, I am ready to begin serving the OJR District in a leadership role!​

I ask for your support on November 5, 2019, to keep Owen J. Roberts SD great and propel it toward the elite status it deserves!

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