Meet John Diehl 

A leader who listens and acts

Hi, my name is John Diehl and I am running for the two-year term of School Director. Let me tell you why and how I think I can help the community by serving in this way.

I believe in public education.  My wife and I both graduates of Perkiomen Valley High School.  We moved to the Owen J. Roberts School District 19 years ago because we loved the area and valued the educational reputation of the Owen J. Roberts School District.  We have three children, two daughters and a son, all of whom attended OJR schools from French Creek Elementary through OJRHS.  Our daughters have graduated and are now attending university, our son is currently a junior at OJRHS.

My family has benefitted greatly from the OJR School District.  My children have been a part of various teams and organizations offered through the District, but most of all, they’ve benefitted from their academic experience.  I feel that it’s my time to give back.


Professionally, I am a senior executive of a financial services company for whom I have worked for 31 years.  I have been in various management positions over the course of my career and today serve on the Senior Leadership Team of the company, helping to develop, implement and attain our company goals.  I oversee our company’s research relationship with the AgeLab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which provides us with insight regarding the impact of increased longevity on our society’s financial and social needs.

In our community, in addition to various coaching/volunteering positions over the years, I have served as Moderator of my church for the past 20 years.  In the role of Moderator, I am responsible for all business aspects of leadership of the church, from developing budgets to administering the business meetings at the church. 

I am running for School Director because I believe that the board can use the contribution of a successful business leader in the process of defining, recommending, implementing, communicating and monitoring District initiatives.  From what I have observed, although intentions are good, our board falters when it comes to seeking input and valuing transparency in the decision-making process.  Additionally, initiatives within the District need to be properly vetted and communicated so that all stakeholders have confidence in the effort.  The result of faulty process is dysfunction which surfaces in the form of discord and frustration in our leaders.  A key part of any process should be maintaining financial discipline.  Coming from a business background of over 30 years, much of it spent in senior leadership positions, I know that goals must be balanced with fiscal discipline.  That should be every bit as true for public institutions as it is for private companies and non-profit organizations.

I am not a single-issue candidate.  I believe our board needs help with the process with which they approach challenges and opportunities and I think that a ‘real world’ perspective would prove helpful.

I want to help!  I believe that I have the experience and skill-set that can benefit the OJR community.

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