Meet Daniel V. Dougherty

A leader who listens and acts

Hi!  My name is Dan Dougherty and I am a candidate for Owen J. Roberts School Board Director.  Please allow me to introduce a little of my background to you.  I am a 2002 graduate of Temple University and have been involved in politics on and off since 2004, having volunteered for and managed local state representative campaigns.  


Prior to moving to East Vincent Township in 2012, I lived in Phoenixville for 8 years.  I have served as a Committeeman in East Vincent 3 since 2013, as well as the Finance Chair for The Area 4 Republican Committee. 


My Reasons for Running


I love the community in which I live and I have a strong desire to want to serve in ways that will continue to make it improve and flourish.  For the last several years I have heard accounts of the dysfunction of our current School Board and for the past year, I have witnessed a degree of this dysfunction personally through my attendance at the School Board meetings.  Over the course of this last year is when I began to realize that the Owen J. Roberts School Board needs Directors who will lead on issues and serve their constituents, rather than the Administration. 


As a stakeholder in the school district, with a son currently in first grade at East Vincent Elementary, I have a vested interest in seeing the School District perform at its best and see no reason why OJR can’t be as high in the school rankings as Spring-Ford, West Chester, Trediffryn, or Unionville-Chadds Ford.  If elected to the School Board, I will do everything within my power to work toward that end.


What I want to accomplish

As a member of the OJR School Board of Directors I would like to foster a more open

dialogue between the Board and district residents.  I don’t think it is productive to limit public comment to 3 minutes and then not offer any feedback.  It is hard to know what follow-up occurs to the public comments, as the Board never offers any follow-up publicly to comments that were made. 


I would like to see more transparency with respect to the district budget and finances, in the last 8 years, only 5 meetings have had minutes posted on the OJR website.  I would like to see the District website updated.


I would like to set a goal of OJR School District climbing the school rankings.  I feel this can be accomplished primarily by focusing on academics and working toward achieving higher SAT scores and college placement.  These are the measurements which are given the most weight in the school rankings.   This also starts by improving academics at the elementary level and better preparing our students for middle school and high school.

To that end, I would also like to see full time language instruction starting at the elementary school level.  In order to compete in the future marketplace our students are going to need to graduate being proficient in a foreign language.


I believe that there are many hard-working, dedicated professionals teaching and working in the OJR School District and they should be commended.  They along with the students, parents and residents of OJR School District deserve a Board that will set the bar high for the future of education in Kindergarten to 12th grade. 


Thank you in advance for your support.  See you at the polls on May 21!

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