Academic Excellence

We are committed to meeting the needs of every OJR student by providing a strong academic program and an outstanding teaching staff. We believe strongly in the constant reevaluation of curriculum and course offerings to be sure our students are well prepared for college, the military and the work force.


We believe an effective school board communicates the vision and day to day workings of our district to our community. School board members must listen to our community members’ concerns and speak with honesty on all issues.

Ensure the sunshine act is adhered to:

The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, 65 Pa.C.S. §§ 701-716, requires agencies to deliberate and take official action on agency business in an open and public meeting. It requires that meetings have prior notice and that the public can attend, participate, and comment before an agency takes that official action. Click on this link for more information http://pafoic.org/pennsylvanias-sunshine-act/


We maintain an uncompromising adherence to ethical principles and values. We are dedicated to making decisions for OJR utilizing accurate data and current research.

Fiscal Discipline

The Owen J Roberts School Board must ensure a quality education for every child while maintaining responsible budgeting practices. The Board has a duty to exercise oversight on all expenditures to be sure tax money is serving the educational process which in turn serves our entire community.

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